About us

KOERS is the specialist sport-glasses division from BIDULES, the Brussels-based deadstock glasses shop.

This time, our team of curious eyewear addicts – a family business with a passion for optics since 1934 – is focused on delivering original vintage pieces for athletes while promoting active lifestyles in our community.

Why sport-glasses, why now? We've been searching for the right collection of sport frames to share with you since our launch in 2014, but could never get our hands on a good bunch. When sportswear exploded in popularity in the 1980s, most of the frames made were of poor quality or destroyed in storage. But over time we got better at digging, and we think this first collection is worth the wait.

BIDULES shop and workshop are nestled in the Generali building at the base of the Place des Musées - 44 Rue Ravenstein, Brussels.

Order your KOERS frames online (only) and pick them up in store if you can.